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how to boot from usb on kali linux

How to Make a Kali Linux Bootable USB Drive on Windows

Unlike Windows, Ubuntu, or macOS, Kali Linux is not necessarily used as a primary operating system. I generally use it as a temporary system, for auditing and pentesting, so I don’t have to keep it on my computer forever (even if you can). Today, I’ll show you how to create…
how to install zenmap on kali linux

Getting Started with Zenmap on Kali Linux (Nmap GUI)

If you’re using Kali Linux, you probably know about Nmap, the most popular security scanner tool. Nmap is great, but using it is not that intuitive, that why Zenamp comes to life, to provide us with access to a GUI, that will simplify using Nmap when a desktop environment is…
how to change keyboard language on kali linux

Change Kali Keyboard Layout & Language (GUI or commands)

Typing command lines is challenging enough, so let’s not add keyboard layout issues to the mix. As a French sysadmin, I know firsthand that most systems start with a QWERTY US layout, which is not what I use. Using Kali Linux? Here is how to change the layout easily to…
how to add user on kali linux

How to Add a New User in Kali Linux (GUI & Command Line)

Oddly enough, Kali Linux is a security-oriented distribution, but it comes with a default login and password. You will need to harden it a bit after the initial installation. You can always change the password or even set a different user name. But it’s also possible to create a new…

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