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install wine on kali linux

Wine on Kali Linux: How to set up and run Windows apps

While Kali Linux has almost everything you need preinstalled, you may want to run some Windows programs. You can’t do this natively, because Linux and Windows are completely different operating systems, but there is a hack: Wine. Wine is available in the default repository on Kali Linux, and so can…
how to use hashcat md5

Getting Started with Hashcat on Kali Linux (Installation guide)

Hashcat is an important tool to have in your toolbelt (at least on your computer ^^). I’ve already written several tutorials on how to use Hashcat, but today we’ll focus on the installation and first steps, especially on Kali Linux, which is often used for it. On Kali Linux, Hashcat…
how to install pycharm on kali linux

How to Install PyCharm on Kali Linux? (+Shortcut)

Linux is often used by developers (and it’s great for that, I used it myself for years). The default editors are fine for beginners, but if you’re working on serious projects, you’ll probably be looking for a better alternative. Today we’ll see how to install PyCharm on Kali Linux. PyCharm…
remote access kali linux

How To Install & Use VNC on Kali Linux (Remote access)

If you keep Kali Linux running on a remote computer (like a Raspberry Pi), having a way to access it from your computer can be interesting. Sure, you can always use SSH, but sometimes, access to the full graphical interface can be useful. That’s what VNC allows you to do…

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