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how to use netcat on kali linux

Mastering Netcat on Kali Linux: A beginner’s guide

Kali Linux comes preinstalled with so many tools, that it’s hard to know about all of them, and even harder to know how to use them all. Netcat is one of those tools, hidden in the command line, that might be very useful in various situations. Let’s take a few…
default password on kali linux

Kali Linux Default Password: Default user, root & SSH tips

Each Linux distribution has its own rules for the default username and password. Some will create it for you, and with most of them, you’ll have a short wizard on the first boot to guide you with this. Kali Linux is not an exception, and the default user and password…
how to install and use beef on kali linux

Getting Started with BeEF on Kali Linux: A Complete Guide

Kali Linux includes many tools for hacking and pen-testing. You can even install more applications, like BeEF that I’ll introduce in this article. Not only, this tool has a funny name, but it’s also one of the best to exploit vulnerabilities via a web browser. BeEF is not installed by…
install and use python on kali linux

Python on Kali Linux: A beginner’s guide to get started

Python is now the most used programming language in the world, with usage ranging from artificial intelligence to web development or even smartphone applications. For hackers and pen-testers, Python can also become a great ally on Kali Linux, to save time on many processes. Let’s see how to install and…
how to take screenshots on kali linux

Kali Linux: How to Capture Screenshots Like a Pro

Taking screenshots is a common task you need to master, but when you are using a new system (like Kali Linux), you don’t necessarily know all the tips and tricks. Modern desktop environments have a nice tool to take screenshots, but you can also find even better solutions in the…
install and use wifite on kali linux

Wifite: A step-by-step guide for Kali Linux users

Cracking Wi-Fi networks is one of the main use of the Kali Linux toolkit, and it has always been. I remember playing Aircrack-NG when I was at school, many years ago. The process was a bit complicated, but hopefully, it’s now easier than ever, thanks to a new tool: Wifite….

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How To Install Hashcat on Windows In 2023

Hashcat is my favorite password cracker. You can use it on any operating system or distribution, but it’s often easier to use Windows to avoid drivers issues (especially with a recent GPU). Anyway, I will explain how to install it on Windows in this tutorial. Hashcat is officially supported on Windows, binaries files can be downloaded on the official website…
how to use hashcat md5

How To Install Hashcat On Ubuntu In 2023

Hashcat is an important tool to have in your tool belt (on your computer at least ^^). I already wrote several tutorials on how to use Hashcat, but today we’ll stay focus on the installation, especially on a Linux distribution like Ubuntu. The easiest way to install Hashcat on Ubuntu is to use the package manager (APT), as Hashcat is…
md5 vs sha256 which is better

MD5 vs SHA256: Which is Better? (Speed, Safety, …)

MD5 and SHA256 are two popular cryptographic algorithms, used to store sensitive data (passwords for example). In this article, we’ll see the difference between them, and which one you should use and why. As a whole, SHA-256 is better than MD5 because the output size is twice longer and the probability of collisions is lower. SHA-256 is a bit slower…
decrypt md5 password python

How to Decrypt MD5 Passwords in Python?

The big question many beginners have about MD5 is how to decrypt hashes after encryption.In this post, I’ll explain you this, and specifically, how to do this in Python. How to Decrypt MD5 Passwords in Python?The MD5 cryptographic algorithm is not reversible.A word can be encrypted into MD5, but it’s not possible to create the reverse function to decrypt a…

What’s The Difference Between MD5 And SHA1?

MD5 and SHA1 are often used following a random pick by the developer, but it’s not the same thingIn this post, I’ll introduce these two solutions and explain how they differ. The main difference between SHA1 and MD5 is that MD5 produces a 32-character message digest, while SHA1 produces a 40-character hexadecimal. Also, the MD5 algorithm is faster than SHA1,…

How MD5 Decryption Works?

MD5 stands for “Message Digest 5 algorithm” and is a well-known cryptographic hash function.They designed this function to make it impossible to decrypt, but today, it’s not yet the case …With the growth of computing and storage through years, we can now use these tools to decrypt a lot of MD5 hash. As there is no reverse function to decrypt a…